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Compresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco - 1
Compresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco - 2
Compresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco - 3
Compresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco - 1
Compresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco - 2
Compresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco - 3

SMACO Professional Air Compressor

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Compresseur Pro Smaco
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SMACO Professional Air Compressor


Power converter and compressor are integrated. This is an hpa pump which does not need a transformer for wall mounted use, safer to use. SMACO scuba tank compressor can be powered by 12V car battery, also can be powered by home 110V/ 220V AC. This will make this air pump more useful as you can use it anywhere.


The diving compressor adopts a coil design, so we don't have to worry about wire winding. At the same time, the transformer and compressor integrated design and the fan cooling design are very convenient to carry and inflate outdoors.


This 4500 psi portable air compressor is primarily designed for PCP air rifles, paintball guns and scuba tanks. Fill a 0.5L tank from 0 psi to 3,000 psi in a quick 11 minutes; Filling a 1L tank from 0 psi to 3000 psi takes 26 minutes; Filling a 2L tank from 0 psi to 3000 psi takes 46 minutes. (The duty cycle of the machine is 25 minutes on / 10 minutes cool down. This allows larger tanks to be filled, as long as the compressor is allowed to cool down.)

Compresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco


The filling of a pcp or paintball air gun is hassle-free. When the air pressure reaches the pressure value we set (the maximum air pressure setting value is 300Bar/4500Psi/30Mpa), the compressor will stop filling. So that you can free your hands, save time.Don't start the machine under pressure!(after the inflation stops halfway,please release the pressure first and then start again)

Compresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco


SMACO paintball air compressor uses fan cooling, does not need oil, clean and hygienic, no need for an external water pump to cool. In addition, it is also equipped with an oil-water separator ,the 5μm fiber and active carbon combined filter element can effectively filter moisture and other contaminants in the air, output clean and dry high-pressure air.

Compresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel SmacoCompresseur D’air Professionnel Smaco

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Scuba rescue tank

They will be very useful as an emergency bottle during scuba diving. Small and discreet they will cover you in case of air failure.

Ideal on a boat

Anyone with a boat should have a kit of mini bottles on board to dive for a few minutes. Whether it's to unhook an anchor or inspect the hull.

Unforgettable explorations

A new experience is opening up to you. Your snorkeling trips will never be the same again. You can admire the seabed for long minutes.

Safety instructions for the uninitiated

Before purchasing a mini scuba tank, please take the time to read the User Manual & Safety Instructions

1- With a high pressure pump

Recharge your mini Smaco™ scuba tank with the strength of your arms 💪

✅ Light and easy to transport
✅ Does not require electricity
❌ Physical effort is required

2- With another scuba tank

The ETRIET adapter allows you to fill a mini bottle, with a classic bottle, in a few minutes.

✅ Compact adapter
✅ Quick refill
❌ Another diving bottle is needed

3- With. a diving compressor

Fill your mini scuba tanks effortlessly.

✅ Unlimited refills
✅ Effortless
❌ Noisy


Allow 15 minutes with the manual pump. In this case, we recommend doing it in 3 times, 5 minutes.
With another bottle, or a compressor, count 3 to 5 minutes to reach 200 bars.

It is simply the air you breathe every day that is compressed. However, if any impurity were to interfere, it would be blocked by the regulator filter.

Although our bottles are approved up to 40m deep. We strongly advise against their use below 3m, to all those uninitiated in the basics of scuba diving.

Yes, but on the condition that it is powerful enough to reach 200 bars. Also make sure it is approved for scuba tanks, so it will have a filter.

The equipment has been inspected, tested and certified by an independent organization before being placed on the market.

The maintenance must be done in an authorized center (close to a diving center) in order to check the internal condition of the tank and the proper functioning of the complete system. It is also mandatory to clean all equipment with fresh water after each use.

Nothing will happen to the bottle, this limit has been set solely to limit the risks for non-divers. However, even at a depth of 3 meters there are risks for the user if he does not respect the safety instructions. Only certified divers are allowed to use the Alu bottle below 3m depth.

Non, une pompe à vélo n’est pas capable d’atteindre que des pressions de 15 à 20 bar maximum. Notre pompe manuelle spéciale est capable d’atteindre plus de 200 bar. Sa conception spéciale (brevetée) lui permet d’être robuste et de recharger la bouteille sans aucune difficulté physique.


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